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Table Tops

At Timber Trade Solutions, we provide durable oak countertops in a variety of forms, edge styles, and furniture panels. Crafted to high standards, they offer versatile solutions for both residential and commercial applications.


  • Thickness: Typically ranging from 20mm to 40mm

  • Width: Customizable based on customer requirements

  • Length: Customizable based on customer requirements

Edge Types:

  • Straight

  • 45-degree angle

  • Rounded

  • Live edge

Quality Grades:

  • Class A/A: Exceptional quality with minimal defects, ideal for premium finishing work.

  • Class A/B: High quality with slight imperfections, suitable for high-end projects.

  • Rustic: Oak with pronounced defects and a natural character, often used for rustic or antique aesthetics.

Glue Types:

  • D3: Suitable for interior applications where occasional exposure to moisture may occur.

  • D4: Ideal for exterior applications or where there is frequent exposure to moisture.

Feel free to inquire about specific selections.

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