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Our lumber products meet the high-quality standards typically recognized in European markets. We provide a diverse selection of wood types and grades to accommodate different construction and finishing requirements.

Types of Products:

  • Boards

  • Beams

  • Lathing boards

  • Mouldings

  • Timber cladding

  • Rough-sawn boards

  • S4S (surfaced four sides) boards

Types of Wood:

  • Oak

  • Ash

  • Pine

  • Spruce

Quality Grades according to Nordic Timber Grading Rules (NTGR):

  • Class A/B (AB): Wood with minimal defects, suitable for premium finishing where appearance and material structure are paramount.

  • Class C (C): Wood with small defects, suitable for structural purposes where some visual imperfections are permissible.

  • Class D (D): Wood with more noticeable defects, appropriate for basic constructions or secondary uses.

At Timber Trade Solutions, we regularly bring in new choices in wood types, dimensions, and quality levels.

Feel free to inquire about specific selections.

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